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IT NEXT will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center in October, 2016,
So stay tuned!

About us


Taiwan IT industry’s success lies in precision industrial and hardware manufacturing. Looking at the cloud computing and big data trend, we already initiated the IT industry value chain transformation. As a declaration, the industry will move towards a core value of human-centered service, and enter the age of experience-centered service economy. 「Cloud Services and Big Data Industry Development」, hosted by the IDBMOEA (Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs), is a project that united the government, industry, academic, and research units to promote user-oriented software and services. It starts a new generation for the industry to accelerate innovations and contribute to a transformation and creative opportunities in order to develop high value-added products and services.

Based on the framework of user-experience, innovation, and cross-industry cooperation, the project was given 5 main promotional tasks: (1) IT NEXT international forum: inviting domestic and foreign experts to share and exchange ideas so to acquire international news and trends. (2) TRANS ACTION AWARD: promoting UX design, implementing industry instruction into practice to nurture interdisciplinary talents. (3) Cloud computing innovation competition - GOLDEN PENGUIN AWARD: combined with the resource of angel venture capitals, encouraging innovation and experiment for the development of hardware-software integrated products. (4) Exhibition in COMPUTEX: showcasing Taiwan’s cloud service applications under a scenarios of ease-to-use, friendly, and innovative contextual experience. (5) Exhibition in YODEX: showcasing young generation innovative designs from Taiwan, experiencing better services and consumer products.


The IT NEXT international forum originated in 2012. As an indicator of the Taiwan's IT industry, it attracts nearly 800 professionals from home and abroad to support and participate every year. The following year’s subject of IT NEXT international forum is “Beyond Cloud Experience.” The event will bring together the elite of interdisciplinary thinking, knowledge, and action to discover hot topics of cloud computing and big data from many aspects. The ultimate purpose is to analyze important issues and future trends for the cloud service experience.

IT NEXT will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center in October, 2016, so stay tuned!

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AGENDA of 2015

Time Agenda
8:30~9:00 Reception
9:00~9:10 Greetings from the Host and Guest
  • 01 troy malone
  • 【 Cloud Upgrade 】To Innovate or Iterate?
    General Manager of Asia-Pacific Region, Evernote, Troy Malone
    (Simultaneous translation is provided into Chinese)
10:00~10:10 Break
  • 02 uxpa
  • 【 Financial Service 】The Impact of Innovation in User Experience for the Internet Financial Service
    General Manager, Personal Banking, Headquarter of China Zheshang Bank /Chairman of UXPA CHINA, Tao, Hong
11:00~11:10 Break
  • 03 attention henrikjeppesen
  • Innovative Design
    CEO, Attention Group, Henrik Jeppesen
    (Simultaneous translation is provided into Chinese)
12:00~13:30 Break
Time Lecture I ICT Industry Innovation Lecture II Cross-industry Innovation
13:30~14:00 Reception
  • 04 ict
  • Engaging Situational Facts in Product Development Process for Better Outcomes
    Creative Director, Pegatron Corporation, Wilhelm Chiang
  • 06 joehsia 06 hclai 06 kaba
  • Experiment & Empathy: The Core of Innovation
    YAHOO User-Centered Design (UCD) Team
  • 05 ict
  • Change Creates Need, Leaving Aside the Technical Talk
    CIO & VP, Gigabyte Technology, Nill Bai
  • 08 ntu
  • Beyond the Time and Space, a Great Leap for Medical Industry!
    Vice Superintendent, National Taiwan University Hospital, Ming Tsan Lin
15:20~15:40 Break
  • 07 acer carmen chiang
  • Mobile Design Moves
    Marketing & Strategy Manager, Acer, Carmen Chiang
  • 11 lion
  • The Smart Travel Trend under the Development of Cloud Application
    Lion Travel General Manager Albert Pei
  • 09 benq
Divergent Perspectives Seeking Common Ground, Experiencing the Creation Process
Chief Director, BenQ/ Qisda Lifestyle Design Center Will Wu
  • 12 chan
IoT, Maker, and the New Economy
AppWorks Ventures, Partner, Dr. Zhan,Yi Jia


The purpose of “TRANS ACTION AWARD” is to nurture talent, accelerate industrial proliferation, encourage innovative research and development, and promote user experience research and design. “TRANS” is a Latin term, means “leap,” “exceed” and “change.” “ACTION” means “mobility.” “TRANS-ACTION” presents the concept, “cross-boundary with mobility.” A combined word meaning, TRANSACTION is also a synonym for “creating commercial benefit.” We believe that “TRANSACTION” will nurture rookie talents and future products for the change of people’s lives, and the creation of happy user experience with a transcend generations revolution.

The three features of “TRANS ACTION AWARD”: (1) Interdisciplinary teamwork: participating team covering the research, design, and technical personnel. (2) User-experience thematic courses: link the industry needs, arranging participating teams to join thematic courses. Taking “user demand” as the core, progressively inputs demand analysis, design concept creative thinking, prototype production, design, and testing to practice the product design process. (3) Industry instruction: Inviting design and development directors from the industry and hands-on experience of the UX experts to guide participating teams and correct their works.

Trans 1
Trans 2
Trans 3


The purpose of the cloud computing innovation competition - GOLDEN PENGUIN AWARD is to establish a platform in order to promote creativity and new talents. Using the contest as a platform, combined with angel venture capitals, the award encourages enterprises and schools to invest in developing cloud applications and services (SaaS), APP development technology, and hardware-software integrated products. Ultimately, it promotes and helps exchange ideas in the development and technology of cloud computing, big data and open source software in order to fostering innovative application services so to enhance the industry’s strength for its independent research and development.



Showcase and promote Taiwan domestic cloud services and value-added innovative applications in the world's second largest IT professional exhibition - COMPUTEX under a scenarios of ease-to-use, friendly, and innovative contextual experience. With nearly a thousand oversea buyers visiting and procuring every year, the pavilion is expected to help establish high quality MIT brand image and expand cooperation opportunities in overseas markets.

Computex 1
Computex 2
Computex 3


Showcase and promote the products and services in YODEX (Taiwan Young Designers' Exhibition). YODEX is an indicative creative design exhibition in Taiwan. Also, it’s an arena gathered the results of the national tertiary students graduate exhibition and an important stage for new talents to show their creativity. The exhibition includes product design, visual communication design, packaging design, process design, digital media design, fashion apparel design, and space design areas. And it’s scale has been extended to the whole nation, including themed exhibitions from internationally renowned design institutions and enterprises.
Those excellent works selected from TRANS ACTION AWARD and GOLDEN PENGUIN AWARD will be demonstrated in YODEX so to be able to successfully market them through a new generation of design exhibition by an outstanding team. In hope to give the industry development incentives by means of the demonstration of innovative design and R&D capabilities.